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Medicare 411 was established right here in Illinois to help people just like you. We are not a call center. There is not an 800 number. We care deeply about the people in our community, and we are here to help you. Call us at 815-329-6937 to schedule an appointment today!

Our Services are FREE!

That’s right! There is absolutely NO COST to you for any services provided by Medicare 411. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Give us a call today at 815-329-6937.

Why Do a Medicare Review?

Medicare Open Enrollment typically takes place from mid-October to early December each year. During the designated enrollment period is the only time you can make changes to your Medicare plan until the next year’s open enrollment period. Each year, Medicare plans change, and sometimes the changes are dramatic. This year, there are more changes than ever, and Medicare 411 has the information and the expert advice that you need to make important changes to your plan. An annual review can ensure that you have chosen the best plan to meet your needs for the coming year, and it can even save you money. Call Medicare 411 today to meet with a trusted Medicare Expert at 815-329-6937.

Group of senior friends relaxing together after an excercise

Tino Gordon

I have been helping seniors with their insurance since 2015. My main focus used to be only life insurance and final expense. My clients encouraged me to add Medicare to my toolkit. They love the way I am able to translate their benefits in a way that makes sense.

We live in a rapidly changing world. Medicare itself has something that changes every year. People should have ease of access to their options and their agent.

One thing I have been proud of is the relationship I have with each client. One person told me if you take my name Tino and flip it backwards, you get the words "on it". I make sure to be "on it" for all my clients so they can get on with their lives. Even if that means me having to sit on hold with the 1-800 numbers so you don't.

I'm Tino and I'm here to get "on it" for you


"Tino really helped me get on it. He explained Medicare in such a simple way that now I could do it myself, but I would much rather have him stay on it for me"

"I want to show my appreciation for Tino for how hard he worked to find the coverage I needed. I know my case wasn't easy and took some time, but he did it, and I am truly grateful. I could not be more happy with his amazing service I received"

"He helped me save money on my healthcare cost plus add money to my monthly income"

Life and Health Insurance

Medicare 411 is an independent Life and Health Insurance Agency that specializes in Medicare, Long Term Care Planning, and Life Insurance Products representing multiple companies.

Medicare Education

Medicare 411 provides FREE Educational Seminars on multiple topics including Medicare, Long Term Care Planning, and Individual Health Insurance Marketplace. -Need a speaker for your group? Call us!

Tino Gordon

Medicare 411

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